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Crossword puzzle v1.0

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Make your own crossword (or cryptogram) and send it to your friend(s).
You can get the Excel Crossword Puzzle for free in the ‘Excel Well Shop‘.

Start with a blank puzzle frame and fill in the answers.

Then, with a push of a button, you will bring these answers over to the next frame in which the numbering is added.

Then with the next push of a button, you copy the answers to the list of Questions and answers.

Add the questions to the answers in the list.

Then move to the main puzzle tab and push the “Start Puzzle” button.
With the button “Hint” you can ask for a letter (in the box where your cellpointer is).
Once you are finished (or you get stuck), you can click the button “Check Antwoorden”, and all the erroneous letters will be displayed in a red box.

If you want to make a crossword for a friend, you can do all previous steps.
Then protect the tab with all the answers.
Then send it over to you friend and let him/her fill in the puzzle.

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